PROXY Service : TOKYO FES Jun.2019

You will have a chance to get doujinshi or doujin items which will be sold at TOKYO FES Jun.2019 on 23th June by using my service!  About TOKYO FES Jun.2019 arteVarie 54 (Handmade) DC RETURNS 21 (Kuroko no Basket) GRANDLINE CRUISE 15 (ONE PIECE) よりどり日和 4 (Gag Manga Biyori) 秘密の裏稼業 13 (Detective Conan) 擬人化王国 19 (Hetalia) CrazyLyricBattle 3 (Hypnosis Mic) TOON MIX 4 (American Comics and Animation) 楽園ミュートス 3 (Fafner ) 氷奏ストラースチ 15 (Yuri !!! on Ice) パワフルカップ 2 (Power Pros) UNLIMITED EX 3 (UNDERTALE and other games) 刻印の誇り 7 (Fire Embrem) イシンノセカイ 3 (Ishin Nishio works) Some customers don’t follow notes despite that they read and understand notes. I don’t accept their orders. Please … Continue reading PROXY Service : TOKYO FES Jun.2019